Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Are you planning on taking a trip to Fort Lauderdale by yourself or with your family? Sometimes it can be difficult to find a perfect spot where both children and adults can enjoy a real good time. So if you live in Florida, or if you are planning to visit this state, there is actually one town that is absolutely perfect for a family trip.

You must try to visit Fort Lauderdale, which is just 23 miles north of Miami, FL. The city is famous for its beaches, amazing events and its arts and culture scene. It is also a spring break hot spot due to its stunning boardwalks and seemingly endless lines of restaurants and shops. It has an island laid-back vibe which is perfect for visitors and tourists who just wants to take a slower pace at life.

Some of the best Florida family staycations can be enjoyed from Fort Lauderdale. And they have fantastic resorts as well. It is up to you what style of stay you prefer, but there is some place available for every taste. In any case if you are interested in visiting this wonderful region within the Sunshine State, read below about some of the top-rated tourist attractions over here.

Stranahan House Museum

In 1901, Ohio businessman and trader Frank Stranahan built this home where he operated his ferry business. Over the years, it was expanded and renovated, and it now boasts a Victorian parlor, bay windows and wide verandas.

It was initially built as a trading post. But over time, the Stranahan house served as a community center, post office and a town hall. With a structure that holds so much history, it has become a fantastic tourist attraction. It is now a museum and sometimes a gallery for local artists.

Las Olas Boulevard

The Las Olas Boulevard stretches from Fort Lauderdale downtown along the New River to the Las Olas Beach. This is a stunning place to visit as mansions and yachts at this coastal areas are clearly visible for everyone to marvel at. This is truly an Instagram-worthy spot.

Apart from the beach, you can also find galleries and specialty boutiques to shop at. Las Olas is also filled with bistros and waterside cafes where you and your family can dine and enjoy the scenery.

Museum of Discovery and Science

The beach is not the only place a family can enjoy their time together. Visiting the Museum of Discovery and Science can also be a fun and educational trip for the entire family. It houses permanent fun exhibits including dinosaur fossils and other pre-historic presentations.

It also displays the largest living coral reef. The museum also features an IMAX theater and other eco-conscious exhibits. Their live demonstrations are also widely visited by kids from all over the nation.

Stonewall National Museum & Archives

Another interesting place to visit is the Stonewall National Museum. This place has archived documents with more than 30,000 various items. People visit this museum a lot due to its record of the LGBTQ organizations. It houses personal records of local and national personalities that belong in the LGBTQ community. Moreover, the museum hosts lectures from published authors and hosts film screenings.

They also offer writing workshops for aspiring writers. Some of its recent contributions came from Michael Sam, Nathan Lane, Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Herman, and Harvey Fierstein. The Stonewall Nationa Museum traces its beginning from 1973 when a University student named Mark Silber started collecting magazines and books to better understand homosexuality.

Discover the surprises of Lauderdale, Florida and experience its beautifully landscaped beachfront. You can take a dive into the Atlantic, trek into the Everglades or even enjoy a relaxing time at a local resort spa. Whatever your pasttime is, Lauderdale has definitely something to offer you.